Relic Traveller: Phase 1 Soundtrack

Audio composition, 2017

This work forms part of Larry Achiampong's Relic Traveller: Phase 1, a multi-disciplinary project manifesting in performance, audio, moving image and prose.

Taking place across various landscapes and locations, the project builds upon a postcolonial perspective informed by technology, agency and the body, and narratives of migration.

The 'Relic Traveller: Phase 1 Soundtrack' builds upon Larry Achiampong’s approach to sound whilst working with new methodologies; marrying linguistic threads and an evocative, original synth-based sounds to deliver a soundtrack that ties with the open cinematic landscapes depicted in his video works (also part of the Relic Traveller: Phase 1 project): Relic 0 and Relic 1.

The Relic Traveller Phase 1 Soundtrack is an artwork made possible with funding from PS/Y, Southbank Centre | Hayward Gallery, Jerwood Charitable Foundation & Arts Council England.

© Larry Achiampong