Relic Traveller: Phase 3 Soundtrack

Audio Composition, 2020 - 21

Relic Traveller: Phase 3 is the continuation of a multi-disciplinary project, which manifests in performance, audio, moving image, and prose. Taking place across various landscapes and locations the series builds upon postcolonial perspectives informed by technology, agency in reference to the body, and narratives of migration. 

This speculative project continues to consider the social and political climate of recent times; the rise of nationalism within the global West and tensions surrounding moments such as the United Kingdom’s leave ‘Brexit’ vote in 2016. Meanwhile, the African Union’s passport programme (also established in 2016) moves towards the opening of boarders across a unified African continent. The Relic Traveller series aims to imagine a future in which the global West devolves to a point of decline. In this future the African Union ascends into a prosperous, and harmonious collective, free of Western interference and reliance, to take full responsibility in shaping the future of the planet.

The soundtrack features a dynamic, evocative score which can be found in the film Reliquary 2 and the audio works Sanko-time and When Aunty Speaks, You Listen.

The Relic Traveller Phase 3 Soundtrack, produced with support from John Hansard Gallery, The Line and De La Warr Pavilion