Sunday's Best

4K Video, 2016

Sunday’s Best, considers how belief systems within the diaspora are inflected by these colonial histories in the present day. The work is a confluence of the vivid experience of praise and worship in a Ghanaian community church, set against the stark interior of a Roman Catholic Church. Documented across a number of sites in London, Sunday’s Best maps out a narrative of coming to terms with the incongruence of faith practices that straddle western and non-western influences.

Exploring and researching the mutations of traditions and language that have been birthed as a result of colonisation, form the foundation for this project. Additionally, looking at how those legacies affect people today and in particular, the relationship with Christian imperialism and its impact on the artists tribe - The Ashanti. 

© Installation Photos by Reece Straw

Sunday's Best, commissioned by Logan Center Exhibitions and supported by South London Gallery