Relic 3

4K Video, 2019

Continuing from Relic 2, and becoming the fourth film in the Relic Traveller series, Relic 3 reveals the start of a new journey. As this begins for the next traveller, so must the previous journey end for the former and during this expedition a new testimony is uncovered. 

Detailing the struggles of a migrant worker as they try to make a life in a hostile, alien environment, Relic 3 encompasses aural tales of sexual manipulation, violence and exploitation whilst visually marrying impactful vistas which include the abandoned Cliftonville Lido (Margate, UK), Greenwich Foot Tunnel (London, UK) and Wanstead Flats (London, UK). 

This film presents a haunting, solemn score written by Achiampong featuring Jonathan Holland playing cello.

Relic 3, produced with funding from Arts Council England