Relic 2

4K Video, 2019

Poetically emanating displacement in the global West, Relic 2 begins at a long-aged, dilapidated communication site in Lincolnshire (UK). RAF Stenigot was a Second World War radar station (like the acoustic mirrors seen in Relic 1, both were part of the UK's first early warning radar network code named ‘Chain Home'), and later fortified by NATO’s ACE high communication programme which involved adding four tropospheric scatter dishes.

Relic 2 follows the traveller from Relic 1, bridging locations of technological, historical, social and political significance including RAF Stenigot (Lincolnshire, UK), Greenwich Foot Tunnel (London, UK), Congo Square and Bayou Sauvage, 9th Ward (New Orleans, USA).  Supported by a harmonious, melancholic, synth-based score featuring the voice of the Griot-like ‘mother’ of the Relic Travellers’ Alliance first featured in Relic 0, this time with a soliloquy relating the Anthropocene with structures of imperialism.

Relic 2, produced with funding from Arts Council England