Audio Composition on vinyl record/audio download, 2012-13

"Same proudly autobiographical, beat-tape plnderphonics as Meh Mogya, this time with the sampling focussed more on palm-wine and other acoustic Ghanaian music. More Mogya', More Blood".

- Honest Jons

Continuing from ‘Meh Mogya’, ‘More Mogya’ (meaning ‘More Blood’) forms the second part of a trilogy of audio-based projects that trace my audible heritage using Ghanaian Highlife audio samples. This project occurred as a result of ongoing discussions and collaboration between the Bokoor African Popular Music Archives Foundation (BAPMAF) and myself. Bokoor African Popular Music Archives Foundation is 'concerned with the lack of research and information on local Ghanaian highlife music and the demise of the ‘classical’ styles of this genre.' and also aims to preserve, promote and disseminate Ghanaian/African popular and traditional performance & act as facilitator, consultant and resource centre for various African arts projects in Ghana and the international community.

The samples from this album come from the foundation’s own library of recordings and were kindly used by permission of the founder and chairman of BAPMAF, Professor John Collins who has been involved in the West African music scene since 1969.

In comparison to the first project (‘Meh Mogya’), where I sampled from a largely electronic Highlife sound, this audio work focuses mostly on acoustic-based Highlife sounds, including that of the Palm-wine guitar playing style.

© Larry Achiampong