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Superheroes - Iniva & A Space (2010)

Young people from Brooks Community School have collaborated with artist Larry Achiampong, with assistance from artist Barbara Lambert, to research and create artwork inspired by music that is shared culturally, as part of the One & Other project.

Participants explored the question: what is a superhero? How do they come into being? Who can be a superhero (both in the political and the imaginative sense)? Superheroes were researched in relation to each participant’s culture and personal superheroes. They created their own superhero, developing a comic story and sketching out their likeness. 

From conversations and shared experiences participants recorded the superheroes' stories, creating a short animation. They visited Iniva's Stuart Hall Library to generate more research and get an idea of where their work would be exhibited.

The group designed a low-fi animation, contributed to a sound work and made 3D superheroes using clay to accompany the final exhibited video.

The results of their collaborative research and imaginations were on show in the One and Other exhibition at Rivington Place from 22 April - 1 May 2010.

Brooks Community School was one of four schools that participated in the One & Other project funded by A New Direction as part of Creative Partnerships from January to April 2010.

Superheroes, with Brooks Community School

Making of One & Other

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