SAMPLE OF US - The Serpentine (2012)

Audio on dub-plate/CD/audio download.

What could be described as just a sequel or a simple follow-up to last year's collaboration project, MEH MOGYA/SAMPLE OF ME with The Showroom, Larry Achiampong's SAMPLE OF US delves even deeper into the art of audio sampling by investigating the relationship of the so-called dying format, vinyl, and it's importance or lack thereof to the younger generation.

In collaboration with The Serpentine's Edgware Road Project and a group of students from Westminster Academy, Achiampong devised and delivered a series of sessions in which the students were approached with roundtable discussions, posing questions such as; what kind of music do you like/don't like? What memories do you associate with the music you listen to? Have you ever played a record, and if so what does vinyl mean to you? The students had the chance to participate in poetry-based exercises with writer and poet, Yemisi Blake whilst also observing the work of Lygia Pape at The Serpentine.

The students were then challenged with the prospect of inventing a new language using sampled sounds from vinyl records by firstly visiting Flashback Records to 'crate dig' for records that they found appealing (whether for the sound or even the design of the record cover), returning their finds to The Centre for Possible Studies to collaborate with Larry Achiampong by scrutinising and sampling audio loops using a record player and the MPC or Music Production Center, designed by legendary inventor, Roger Linn.
Additional sounds were also sampled in the process, from using found objects to conversations to field recordings in the surrounding area of Westminster.

The conclusion of the project resulted in a special edition vinyl-CD containing the collaborative efforts of both the artist and that of the students as well as a risograph poster that includes a specially created artwork by the artist on one side and information about the project on the reverse.

The Serpentine Gallery’s Edgware Road Project brings together artists, residents, shop-owners and others to investigate, activate and imagine futures for the Edgware Road.  International artists are collaborating closely with the neighbourhood through a series of residencies, commissions and exhibitions to explore and celebrate the history, cultures and experiences of the many communities centred on the Edgware Road. The project base is the Centre for Possible Studies derived from encounters on, to and from the Edgware Road.




© Larry Achiampong