Audio via Radio.

Commissioned by basic.fm ‘PH03NIX RISING’ represents an antithesis to Larry's audible heritage projects 'MEH MOGYA' and 'MORE MOGYA'. ‘PH03NIX RISING’ depicts a chronicle that harnesses the varied sounds that Larry's parents jammed to in their youth. By moving their lives from Ghana to a working-class, Western society in east London, Larry's parents were bound to uncover a variance of music that they experienced minimally back home.

This audio work proceeds to explore the alternate universes of sound that Larry was exposed to as a youngster including the 8-bit/16-bit era of videogame sounds and obscure film soundtracks, while re-presenting them as beats to weave a story that compliments ‘MEH MOGYA’ albeit via the mysterious pseudonym he assumes – ‘BLACK PH03NIX’…

The story of the Ph03nix aired live, every Sunday morning on basic.fm for the month of April, 2013 from 10am GMT.

© Larry Achiampong