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Audio on vinyl record/audio download, 2012 - 13

"Same proudly autobiographical, beat-tape plnderphonics as Meh Mogya, this time with the sampling focussed more on palm-wine and other acoustic Ghanaian music. More Mogya', More Blood'.
- Honest Jons

MORE MOGYA wasn’t supposed to happen. Larry isn't much of a fan of sequels (apart from Terminator 2 and Street Fighter 2), but he had unfinished business….
MEH MOGYA focused on an electric, big-band sound of Highlife music whereas MORE MOGYA incorporates the use of Palm-wine guitar infused with other acoustic instruments.

The samples from this album were kindly used by permission of Musician, Journalist, Author, and Musicologist, John Collins who has been involved in the West African music scene since 1969.

John also runs the Bokoor African Popular Music Archives Foundation (BAPMAF for short) that aims to
‘Preserve, promote and disseminate Ghanaian/African popular and traditional performance & act as facilitator, consultant and resource centre for various African arts projects in Ghana and the international community.’
Terrible flooding struck many parts of Ghana’s capital, Accra, including the BAPMAF/Bokoor house on the 26th of October 2011. Around 10% of the archives were damaged or lost forever as well as thousands of pounds worth of equipment.
The main reason MORE MOGYA exists is to celebrate and honour the importance of this great archive.
Please visit the BAPMAF website and donate where you can.

Ultra-Limited edition vinyl copies of MORE MOGYA are available at various record stores in both the UK and abroad (mentioned below). 50% of the proceeds from the vinyl will go to BAPMAF.

Bleep (UK)
Sister Ray (in-store only, not online) (UK)
DJ Shop (Germany)
HHV (Germany)
Rush Hour (Netherlands)


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