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Jam in the Dark

Live performance, 2008 - present

Documentation by Anslem Herelle

        JAM IN THE DARK is a performance that abandons the visual sense in order to explore

           enhanced dynamics of auditory and somatosensory systems by housing a variety of

           musicians (each possessing and communicating with different instruments) in a visual

           abyss where hearing and feeling become the focus.

     •     The skill level of the musician does not matter (to a degree).

         The level of group-based experience the musician possess does not matter (to  a degree).

         The look of the performer/s or viewer/s doesn’t matter.

         The first person experience of JAM IN THE DARK transcends that of the third person (i.e. archived footage). 

           Like a one-time-only encounter, that is shared (from the musicians) and received (from the attendees) 

           will always differ rendering no performance the same since everything is improvised.

© Larry Achiampong