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Jam in the Dark

Live performance, 2008 - present

© Photo by Anslem Herrelle

JAM IN THE DARK is a live performance that inverts the default format of the gallery space. In doing so, the project abandons the visual sense in order to explore enhanced dynamics of auditory and somatosensory systems, by housing a variety of musicians (each possessing and communicating with different instruments) in a visual abyss, where hearing and feeling become the focus.

The skill level of the musician does not matter (to a degree).

The level of group-based experience the musician possess does not matter (to a degree).

The look of the performer/s or viewer/s doesn’t matter.

The first person experience of JAM IN THE DARK transcends that of the third person (i.e. archived footage). Like a one-time-only encounter, the information shared (from the musicians) received, (from the attendees) and visa versa will always differ rendering no performance the same since everything is improvised.

© Larry Achiampong